About us

NAFP is a not-for-profit company and was formed in 2008 by a group of fostering providers in the West Midlands. The group comprised of independent and voluntary sector fostering providers, including large national organisations, medium sized providers and small local agencies. It was agreed that a trade association would be able to campaign more effectively, as it could act as the voice of the group and have weight as representing the sector. It was also acknowledged that this body would allow for experience and knowledge to be shared within the sector, and for formal representation of the sector in national forums and developments.

What is NAFP? Our chief executive, Harvey Gallagher, talks about our campaigns and what we aim to achieve.

If you're an independent or voluntary sector fostering provider, join us today - we're your voice where it matters.

Annual Review 2014-15

Executive Committee
Membership of NAFP is based on placement numbers organised in tiers and the Executive consists of the following elected representatives:

Tier 1: Allan Madeley, Acorn Care/Fostering Solutions
Tier 1: David Oldham, Foster Care Associates
Tier 1: Gareth Walton, PICS
Tier 3: Brenda Farrell, Barnardo's (Vice-Chair)
Tier 3: Bernie Gibson, Compass Community
Tier 3: Tim Notchell, SWIIS Foster Care
Tier 4: Laurie Long, Action for Children
Tier 4: Laurie Gregory, Foster Care Co-Operative
Tier 4: Grace Wyatt, Nexus Fostering (Chair)
Tier 5: Anna Rooney, Father Hudson's
Tier 5: Jonathan Toomey, Foster Care UK

Grace Wyatt, Director of Nexus Fostering, has been Chair of NAFP since October 2012.