9 Mar 2016 It's about giving a child hope, space, a chance to be themselves You look through the window and for the first time a social worker is coming up the path to your door. The knot in your stomach is real and only slightly gives you the feeling a child must experience coming to your home to live for the first time.  LGBT Adoption & Fostering Week
8 Mar 2016 As a family, we are accepted as foster carers My wife (Sandra) and I (Debby) had been thinking of fostering for quite a few years and to be honest didn’t think we had a chance of fostering due to the fact we were a same sex couple. We have four children all grown with only the youngest (Becky, 19) living at home and I felt I was not ready to stop being a mam and we felt strongly that we could offer a looked after child a warm, fun, loving, nurturing home, normality. We were passed by panel September 3rd 2014. It was by far the best decision we have ever made. LGBT Adoption & Fostering Week
6 Mar 2016 Before fostering we didn't need to worry about anyone but ourselves Adoption was the first call for us when we started on this journey but we decided after a lengthy waiting time to think about the benefits we could give to many different children and young people by fostering. We thought of the good things like the development of a child/young person or helping them move on to better themselves. Little did we stop and look at the little details that have a big impact. LGBT Adoption & Fostering Week
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