Executive elections

NAFP's Executive has responsibility for:

  • General oversight of NAFP's operations
  • Recommendation for approval by the Board of the organisation’s long term objectives and strategy
  • Recommendation for approval by the Board of the annual operating expenditure budgets, and any material changes to them

The Executive is made up of representatives from organisations at each tier of membership to ensure a broad range of views can be taken into account when issues are discussed. Executive members serve for a term of three years. This year, NAFP is inviting nominations for:

  • Two positions for members at tier four (100-399 placements)

(placement numbers as 1 April 2017)

To be successful, nominees must generally be a senior employee of a member organisation, and be willing to commit to attend four meetings per year and to contribute to the development of NAFP. Successful nominees may go forward to a ballot and are requested to submit a written biography of approximately 100 words to accompany their nomination form.

If any members at tier four would like to put themselves forward for election, please complete a nomination form and return it to:

Nationwide Association of Fostering Providers
PO Box 47299
London W7 9BH

By 5.00pm Friday 19 May 2017

If you would like any further information about the role of the Executive or the election process, please do get in touch with our CEO, Harvey Gallagher.