The Nationwide Association of Fostering Providers is the only organisation that campaigns solely for independent and voluntary sector fostering providers, and the children they care for. Guided by you and supported by you we take your issues right to the heart of government, locally and nationally. We campaign for you in every arena that matters – so that you can do what you do best: getting the best outcomes for the children in your care.

NAFP allows us to have a voice as an IFA, in a way we wouldn't have if we were on our own

Just print-off an application form, complete it and post it to us at NAFP, PO Box 47299, London W7 9BH.

Why you should join NAFP

NAFP is the only organisation wholly on your side. By joining us you become part of something that is growing in strength and influence.

Many thanks - your work is really helping the independent sector

You gain the support and experience of your fellow providers. You can plug-in to our up-to- date knowledge gained from working across the country. Your interests are represented everywhere from government departments, to inspectorates and research centres across the country. And you'll be invited to seminars about the issues you need to understand.

What we do for members

Campaigning on your behalf

NAFP represents the independent and voluntary sector to key decision-makers, and takes every opportunity to influence policy and develop good practice.

Representing you nationally

NAFP gets involved at the highest levels and represents the sector in all discussions all the major bodies involved in the care of children in England, Scotland and Wales.

Networking and exchanging information

Our members value the opportunity NAFP provides to discuss issues with each other and to offer support, advice and information and share good practice. And by standing together, IFPs can effectively make challenges when this is needed.

I am very pleased with our agency being a member of NAFP. We experience the benefits of being part of a group of IFPs working together and sharing experiences, especially in dealing with local authorities

Keeping you informed

We send out weekly email bulletins and regular briefings on key issues, including commissioning, long-term fostering, delegated authority and leaving care. We also let you know when new commissioning arrangements develop across the country.

Thank you so much for the list of local authority contacts. This is worth the annual membership fee alone!

Advising and supporting

We give members support with professional, practice and commercial issues and offer commentary, guidance and direction on all potential legislative, regulatory and practice developments of relevance to their fostering services.

Getting together

Membership of NAFP entitles members to attend conferences and seminars on key issues, and to contribute to national debates.

I can’t think of any improvements, there is excellent and regular communication between ourselves and NAFP. It is good to get together with other providers at the regional events

What we do

NAFP do extremely well and I can’t think of anything further that we need NAFP to undertake. Just keep up the good work!

We give a voice to the thousands of children who are placed with independent and voluntary fostering providers (IFPs) by supporting the people like you who manage and support their care.

We promote high standards of practice and put the independent sector’s case wherever its voice needs to be heard – to local authorities and central government, children’s services, policy makers, commissioners, parliamentarians and councillors.

We raise awareness of the benefits of using the independent sector – and the improved outcomes for children that come with it – and make sure we are at the table whenever the needs of young people in care are being discussed.

We are very satisfied with the service we receive and how well we are represented

You too can become one of our satisfied members.

All you need to do is print-off an application form, complete it and post it to us at NAFP, PO Box 47299, London W7 9BH.

Membership survey 2016 summary