“Having been a foster carer I have striven to create an agency that I would want to work with, support that is productive and training that is tailored and inspiring.” Rob Edworthy, Registered Manager.

Our ethos of focusing on the needs of those we care for and being like and extended family was noted in our recent Ofsted: 'There is a shared commitment to a strong child-centred approach, which is a thread throughout the agency.'. . . 'Children are at the centre of this agency’s practice. This ethos is underpinned by the agency’s preferred model of care. As a result of the high quality of care provided by the foster carers, children make good progress..'

The children and young people in our care are the paramount focus in everything that we do. 

  • To develop an enduring, supportive, positive and reflective partnerships with everyone we work with.
  • To use education and training combined with experience and reflection, to provide the best quality care. 

Our commitment to children and young people is to give them the greatest possible opportunities to enjoy a supportive lifestyle that they have helped to compose, respect, and are willing to use to

  • keep safe and exhibit protective behaviours, but have the confidence to relish managed risk 
  • stay physically and mentally healthy, but enjoy challenging personal achievements and emotional security to stay sexually healthy, respect themselves, others and the relationships between
  • enjoy and be educated, have a thirst for knowledge, skills and understanding, and be able to reflect and learn from a variety of experiences; 
  • have interests, dreams and aspirations, and endure, persevere, and be versatile and enterprising enough to strive for them
  • be a valued member of the team, make a positive contribution to society and be of benefit to the global community.