Black Lives Matter

The tragic death of George Floyd in the USA and the international response through the ‘Black Lives Matter’ campaign has brought issues of racism to the forefront of our minds. NAFP acknowledges and understands that there are institutional flaws in our system that impact so negatively on the lives of black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) children and families. BAME children are over represented in the care system which has been the case for some time. And recent evidence has shown that the Covid-19 pandemic has also disproportionately impacted on BAME people. These are matters challenge all of us supporting children in foster care and we will work to address these issues with our partners across the fostering sector. We commit to educating ourselves and our response will be aimed at making a positive difference to the lives of BAME children, families, foster carers and social workers. And we will continue to listen to, learn from and amplify the voices of our BAME friends, families and colleagues.

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