2008 was the year of the birth of NAFP - and also of the global financial crash. The latter was the catalyst for the ongoing policy of austerity, with the punishing underfunding of public services. 

The great news is that NAFP did not crash: rather it has grown from small but ambitious beginnings to the current membership of 104 agencies looking after 92% of children looked after in independent fostering agencies. 

At its inception a handful of people and agencies shared a vision of bringing together fostering agencies - whether voluntary, charity, for profit, not for profit - to enhance the standing of the independent sector within the fostering arena. At the time, the premise that the sector could flourish by working together was bold and exciting, along with the goals of sharing good practice, raising standards and influencing policy. It was believed that this would contribute to children enjoying positive experiences and foster carers being properly valued and supported .

Harvey's leadership and vision has contributed greatly to NAFP being in a position to represent the sector in all of these areas alongside other key national bodies. It is heartening to have seen NAFP develop into an influential and respected organisation.

Congratulations to all involved.

Happy Birthday NAFP!