Being a birth child in a fostering family makes you realise how lucky you were to be born into the the family you have. It gives you an appreciation of family, love and trust. It has almost empowered me to be ME, to have confidence in who I am and love people for who they are and not what I want them to be!  I have had so many conversations with children when they have stayed with us, and as well as giving me memories of shared experiences, they have taught me that the world isn't the safe place, full of responsible adults and loving parents I always believed it was. They have opened my eyes to the extraordinary lengths we can all go to to survive and come out the other side a decent person. I now know that there are nasty people in the world, but I also now that there are more good people to pick up the pieces.

I am proud of my parents and myself for the changes we have made to so many children and young people! Of the 13 children we have shared our home with 11 of them still visit and call regularly, it is almost like having a huge extended family that is still growing and I genuinely hope it continues to grow for many years!