It’s 9.00am and I’ve arrived at the office to start the day. I’ve got a lot to get through, so after bidding everyone a good morning I grab a coffee, before working through my unread emails, and check my diary and my to do list. I also look after the social media, so reply to any direct messages and interact with our followers.

I’m not in the office for long though, first meeting of the day at 10.00am is to speak to a local dance company who’d like to do some workshops with the children, there’s so much to think about – the venue, dates, times, styles of dance... Completely inspired, I’m strutting my stuff back to my car believing I can move like Ashley Banjo and have the grace of Darcey Bussell!

Back in the office, it’s a quick flick through my emails and social media, and returning any telephone calls before catching up with my director. We need to discuss the results of all the recruitment events that we have attended recently, where we’ve been handing out information on how people can become a foster carer, and booking initial informal chats with the social workers. We’re also discussing an execution plan to increase the number of people following us on Facebook and Twitter.

Back at my desk, I start writing a blog post for one of our partner’s websites. My main priority is to break down the myths and stereotypes that surround fostering. This one is centred on single males – arguably it has even more challenges as women are traditionally seen as the care givers, and often a man who devotes his life to caring for children is viewed with suspicion. However, we have some fantastic male carers, with some equally fantastic stories to share and inspire readers.

It’s lunchtime and I’m off to the gym for a power class, which basically means we’re going to pack as much into 25mins as we can. Whilst in the queue I spot one of the foster carers, who mentions a friend is interested in coming on board, which inspires another person to ask me more – I’ve taken their numbers and will get the Placement Coordinator to give them a call later today.

Back in the office; I write a press release for the upcoming Foster Care Fortnight, order some more marketing materials to take to our upcoming recruitment events, book some advertising in some regional newspapers and radio stations, and receive a delivery of framed artwork the children did in a workshop a few weeks ago. I also plan the upcoming family fun day, researching venues and possible activities.

It’s 6.00pm, but the working day isn’t over for me yet – off to a networking meeting to find companies and individuals I can work with in partnership, in the future. Might have a cheeky glass of wine before heading home!

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