'When I’m ready' guidance is very vague from the Welsh Assembly, being a new scheme support and direction is very limited. The majority of young people are not ready for this transition emotionally or financially and seems a big strain both on the child and the carers. Remuneration is poor - carer/supported lodgings provider post 18 is £140 per week and the child is expected to pay £15 directly to the carers, budget their own money and cater for provision, i.e. lunches, clothes, toiletries etc. The child has been part of the family for so long and is such included on family holidays, outings, larger sums of money at Christmas/birthdays etc. with such low remuneration this put added pressure on the carer to provide comparable luxuries.

This is one of the hardest experiences and decisions a carer will go through emotionally.

With thanks to the Foster Care Co-Operative