Bank Holiday over, Legoland is a distant memory, it’s 6.45am on Tuesday and L has been coaxed from her bed to get the school bus, with lots of guidance and reminders of what happens next - her tiredness means that her Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) is ensuring she cannot remember the process of the morning very clearly, as her hair, forgotten coat and unbrushed teeth confirm. It’s her looked after child (LAC) review here at 4pm so she will miss year 8 Drama club this evening. That will throw her out, but a good ice cream dessert should do the trick.

D has been up since 6.10am and the lightsaber that he got for May 4th (be with you) has been working flat out and poor old Ted has again explained that 15 year olds, unlike 8 year olds, don’t really want to play Jedi battles before school. Ted’s patience is truly amazing and he sees the funny side as a big foster brother who knows the score.

S is not happy this morning. She forgot that it was school (like you do when you are 7) she is exhausted from a busy weekend and needs reminding that she does not like jam, even though she has been here for nearly 1000 days. 12 noon - meeting with the clinical psychologist to discuss memory issues and her progression at school, at home and with her toileting.

Reports need writing up this evening to confirm the actions, incidents, progressions (and otherwise) for last month and appointments, meetings and achievements recorded and emailed to supervising social worker (SSW). H is coming Thursday for our fortnightly supervision meeting and we need to finalise our annual review so that our approval can be put before panel. Must remember to add notes from D’s personal education plan (PEP).

Oops, nearly forgot, must call birth parents to arrange contact – is it 8 weeks already! Will it be nice enough to meet them at the park, or shall we go to the cinema, let L go shopping with Mum, or let them all have a good blow out at Funky Funhouse?

That was quick, time to get the kids from school and start the real work.

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