Sometimes you just have to let go, move on and head down that road.

People will lie and hurt you in your face. Say they care, but my heart feels a different way.

I've been through too much to hurt from the pain of the past, so why should I stay with people that I know wont last?

People always ask me why do I love so hard, I say cause that's a part of my childhood that my family left apart.

Sometimes I wonder will I ever love again or will I stay lien and trying to pretend.
If I was loved as a little girl, I wouldn't feel this pain, but wait who loves me?

Yeah. No answer that’s insane.

* * *

Princess Wilcox is an aspiring writer who recently aged-out of the U.S. foster care system. Her poetry will be featured in the upcoming film “Family Rewrithten,” which is the third film in a series of documentary short films about the foster care.

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