2 Sep 2019 Continuing Care in Scotland for young people living with independent sector carers, four years on Continuing Care came into force in April 2015 and applied to new care leavers (those who leave care in or after April 2015) who were born after 1 April 1999. It describes a duty on local authorities to provide care leavers whose final placement was ‘away from home’ with a continuation of the kinds of support they received prior to their ceasing to be looked after. This initiative mirrors Staying Put in England and When I'm Ready in Wales.
17 Apr 2015 Failure is No Option In life there are many challenges you go through. In the beginning you may question why me? But at the end you come to find out those same challenges is what determines your character. Mentally, physically and emotionally. In the beginning of my journey I always asked god why me? I thought I was cursed and god didn’t love me. I learned not to trust anyone and how to push people away. That’s because every time I got comfortable with someone to trust and confide in them they eventually turned their back on me. I guess it wasn’t a big deal to them but to me it meant a lot.
23 Feb 2015 Staying Put on benefit? First, the good news. This government’s level commitment to offer Staying Put for young people leaving foster care was most welcome. And, from what I see, more young people are staying with their foster carers post-18. That's all to the good. However...
13 Jan 2015 Ana's first word After three years working with a developmentally delayed child, I picked up my phone to hear a little voice saying, “Mama.” This was Ana’s first word and her foster mother had called me, her Court Appointed Special Advocate, to share the experience. As a CASA volunteer, I’ve spent years working with children, their families and the court system to help find children a permanent home, good educational opportunities and needed medical and social services. As I heard Ana find her voice, I wondered how, and whether, other foster youth found theirs.
1 Nov 2014 I don't want to see a generation of care leavers have their hopes raised then dashed There was a warm welcome from everyone involved in fostering when government announced its intention to enable young people to stay with their (former) foster carers after they had left care. Given everything we know about the kind of support young people living at home need to help them make a positive transition to independence, this seemed an eminently sensible statement of principle that any corporate parent would be delighted to back up on the ground.
12 May 2014 Moving out, staying out – will we continue to fail young people leaving foster care? We know all too well that the quality of support young people in care receive during the transition to adulthood shapes their future life chances – for better or for worse. It's a crucial time for all young people, even more so for those young people in the care of the state. Whilst it's encouraging that governments across the UK have recognised the key role that foster carers should play in this process, practice varies hugely and lags some way behind.
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