22 May 2014 This is not one of those soft-focus advertisements for foster carers, this is real life I guess I love a challenge – I cycled through Jordan, trekked in China, and now I am a competitive sports fencer. I love parenting too, with birth daughters who are 22 and 17, and our youngest daughter, adopted from China who is 10. So maybe foster caring was an obvious thing to do. M joined our family eighteen months ago. She was 15, had been living a high risk lifestyle, and had a serious drug habit. Making a big life change was largely her choice, but that's M!
21 May 2014 We do actually drink a lot of tea When I first started my role as a supervising social worker I had to complete the skills to foster training, one of the questions asked of all the participants present was to name one thing that annoys you. At the time I honestly stated “foster carers”. Having worked as a children’s social worker on a busy child protection team I felt my priority was safeguarding children at risk and not necessarily those in the care system.
20 May 2014 Ted’s patience is truly amazing, he sees the funny side as a big foster brother Bank Holiday over, Legoland is a distant memory, it’s 6.45am on Tuesday and L has been coaxed from her bed to get the school bus, with lots of guidance and reminders of what happens next - her tiredness means that her Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) is ensuring she cannot remember the process of the morning very clearly, as her hair, forgotten coat and unbrushed teeth confirm. It’s her looked after child (LAC) review here at 4pm so she will miss year 8 Drama club this evening. That will throw her out, but a good ice cream dessert should do the trick.
16 May 2014 There's no typical day for me and my wife There’s no typical day for me and my wife Debbie. But one thing is sure, like other foster carers we’re always ready for the unexpected. Like Thursday last week. That day began the evening before about eight when Debbie took a call from the office. Asking us if we could take a 14 year old lad. He’d fallen out with his own carers and needed somewhere in an emergency. We already have our 12 year old who’s been with us now since he was four. But our own kids have grown up so we’ve got room, and we will take someone else if we can.
14 May 2014 I thought long and hard before becoming a foster carer, was I going to be suitable? I thought long and hard before becoming a foster carer, was I going to be suitable being a single mother, having three dogs, a daughter that has some disabilities and moderate learning difficulties, and used to all my caring and attentions? But fostering was something I felt passionate about and wanted to give it a go to look after and care for children that are less fortunate than my own three children.


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