10 Jan 2019 Let's take a moment.... Having completed the Chairing of my last Fostering Panels of 2018, it’s been a time for some reflection. Joys again at hearing how some foster carers really do embrace their role. And accept, and care deeply about  the children they look after. Despair sadly, at the way some of them appear completely exhausted, and feel undervalued. With concern then about what it must be like to share their household….
2 Dec 2016 Where’s the added value? Should we really care about the future of Fostering Panels? The ‘threat’ to Adoption Panels posed by implementation of Clause 29 of the Children & Social Work Bill has provoked strong feelings across the sector. Fears about the loss of ‘independent scrutiny’, the ‘monitoring’ of decision-making and the ‘safeguarding’ functions get high profile coverage. And of course the possibility of losing the ‘added value’ Fostering Panels provide in the same areas has also been raised.
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