13 Jul 2020 Staying curious: why have some children in foster care thrived in lockdown? In our work at the Anna Freud Centre with children living away from their birth families – in foster, adoptive and kinship placements – we have noticed some children finding lockdown something of a relief. It feels important to pay attention to the evidence we have that some children have really enjoyed and benefited from their world shrinking for a while. Let’s capture these reflections while we can, before events overtake us again.
7 Jul 2020 COVID 19 webinar report: Children’s Principal Social Workers Network, in association with What Works for Children’s Social Care Lockdown has created unprecedented challenges for fostering, the effect which will last beyond the current pandemic. Going forward, these challenges will be made more complex by new and emerging risks and difficulties associated with the easing of lockdown.This webinar examined some of the challenges and their impact in practice, suggesting helpful ways of safeguarding children and families as we move out of lockdown. Guest speakers included a PSW National Research Lead, Chair of PSW, Executive Director of Social Work England and Ofsted’s National Director.
21 May 2020 ‘They feel safe and supported which goes a long way to helping them engage educationally‘ Park Fostercare have been thinking as an agency what we might need to do when we come out of lockdown and how we could do this safely. Along with these thoughts have been to consider the positive impacts of lockdown and the new ways of working that we might want to incorporate into our future working.
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