20 May 2020 'No matter what life has thrown at me I am still fostering, and Sam is still here, and he wants to be here, he says this is his home' In our second interview with foster carer, Michelle, she talks about accepting support to manage the difficult times. She said that fostering can be “uncomfortable”, but “you must work through your problems, tomorrow is another day, put it to bed, wake up refreshed, you cant dwell on things as it takes over, don’t make decisions when feeling upset”.
10 Mar 2017 It changed everything It all began when we were offered two girls on special guardianship, and our life was never to be the same. Before the girls arrived we had what we thought was a full life, and no one else to really think about. Now we can’t remember or imagine our life without them. It’s the little things that make you happy. Watching them in their first school play, taking them on their first holiday, seeing them enjoy new experiences - and us having new experiences, too. The girls bring a new lease of life to our family.
8 Mar 2017 I am still so thankful I made that first call to start fostering It’s been a year since my last blog and the time has gone past so fast for my wife (Sandra) and I (Debby), so much has happened and we have come so far. Really can’t believe it is coming up to three years since we started to foster. I was going to start this blog by saying that we are still excepted as valid foster parents with no pre-perceived ideas with us being a same sex couple but to be honest there is more prejudice now towards looked after children in society than we encounter.
6 Mar 2017 Don’t let anything stand in your way! Follow your heart! In the beginning, when we were thinking of fostering, it was hard to know who to work with. Do we go with local authority or an agency? After many phone calls and meetings with agencies Anchor Foster Care came to visit. After we had our first meeting, all the worries and doubts were gone. We had this amazing image in our head of how we were going to help.
9 Mar 2016 It's about giving a child hope, space, a chance to be themselves You look through the window and for the first time a social worker is coming up the path to your door. The knot in your stomach is real and only slightly gives you the feeling a child must experience coming to your home to live for the first time. 
8 Mar 2016 As a family, we are accepted as foster carers My wife (Sandra) and I (Debby) had been thinking of fostering for quite a few years and to be honest didn’t think we had a chance of fostering due to the fact we were a same sex couple. We have four children all grown with only the youngest (Becky, 19) living at home and I felt I was not ready to stop being a mam and we felt strongly that we could offer a looked after child a warm, fun, loving, nurturing home, normality. We were passed by panel September 3rd 2014. It was by far the best decision we have ever made.
6 Mar 2016 Before fostering we didn't need to worry about anyone but ourselves Adoption was the first call for us when we started on this journey but we decided after a lengthy waiting time to think about the benefits we could give to many different children and young people by fostering. We thought of the good things like the development of a child/young person or helping them move on to better themselves. Little did we stop and look at the little details that have a big impact.
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