29 Oct 2014 We lie in the dark of the room, contemplating ourselves, contemplating the future to come You know exactly where you stand with him. You never smell deceit or slyness upon him unless, of course, he is in trouble with someone. It is a rare quality in ‘normal’ human beings, let alone a young man whose life has been shattered because of someone else’s alcohol problem. Of late, we have been arguing a lot about money. He’s for it, I’m against. I think there is much more to life than chasing cash. He thinks I’m a fool. What’s more, I am the worst kind of fool. I am a fool with a brain. ‘What more is there to life?’ he demands of me. ‘I don’t know.’
28 Oct 2014 She'll be with us 'till she's 18, and so our role is to get her ready. Make sure everything is in place. As told to Andrea Warman, NAFP Consultant, and lead for the Looking After Yourself (Yoga) project ‘It’s just over a year since I joined my fostering agency. Me and my partner. Our own kids had grown up and gone, and we were left in this big house. Plenty of space. And wanting to do something. Give something back.....
27 Oct 2014 The only people on our side are ourselves and we will never be the same again He arrived on a Friday, the weather absolutely glorious. It was morning and the Home was deserted. All the kids were on holiday. Des was taken in, sat at a table and given some breakfast. After he finished eating, the woman in charge told him to take a stroll around the grounds so he could become familiar with his new surroundings. Des walked into the gardens, began exploring. Next thing he knew he had stumbled upon a beauty spot, known locally as the Golden Valley. There he stopped and gazed into its tranquil, breath-taking scenery.
24 Oct 2014 My experience of leaving care was that I was in a Young Offenders Institution at the time my social worker ceased to have contact with me My experience of leaving care was that I was in a Young Offenders Institution at the time my Social Worker ceased to have contact with me. I was Sixteen years old nearly Seventeen.


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