27 Mar 2015 Open letter to broadcasters: Ask leaders what they’ll do for children in care Dear Broadcasters However difficult it may have been to organise, the forthcoming Leaders’ Debate presents a welcome opportunity for the voting public to hear how the different political parties would act in government over the next five years, if given the power to do so.
13 Mar 2015 Mother’s Day and Foster Families Mother’s are counting down the days until their big day is here. It’s that time of year again, where the high street is covered in pretty presents and flowers but is there another side to this happy occasion? Families across the UK will be looking forward to pampering their mum’s on Mother’s Day but some families may dread the special day. There will be some children who will not be waking up to their own mum on Mother’s Day, foster and adoption families can sometimes find the day as a negative occasion.
6 Mar 2015 First thoughts on our fostering journey When we were first thinking of fostering, we thought of the good things like the development of a child/young person or helping them move on to better themselves. Little did we stop and look at the little details that have a big impact. As you can imagine when I took on this challenge it really was making a change in my life, from having zero children to having one that would change the course of my life. Add in the fact that we are a same sex couple and this alone brings in challenges and new experience for all.
24 Dec 2014 But for the kindness of strangers One of the most dominant aspects of my life as a neglected and abused little boy was the relentlessly gnawing hunger that I carried inside of me everywhere I went.
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