The Children’s Family Trust (The CFT) is a children’s charity. The CFT recruits and supports foster carers across England in taking care of vulnerable children and young people, ensuring that any child that comes into our care, has our support for life. As a foster carer for The CFT you can look forward to 24/7 support from our highly experienced social work team, comprehensive training, highly competitive rates of pay and a range of other benefits.

Established in 1945, our founder established The CFT in the belief that every child should have the opportunity to experience a positive and nurturing family life and that every young person in the formal care system should continue to receive support when they leave it.

This continued commitment to the longer–term needs of the children and young people placed in our care as they pass into independence has been formally set out in our objectives as a registered charity since our inception and has been a hall-mark of our work for over 70 years. Nowadays, The CFT is also able to provide short term, emergency and respite fostering placements, as well as continuing to provide `Family for Life’ placements.

CFT foster carers can look forward to:

  • Full and ongoing Training

  • A highly skilled Supervising Social Worker

  • 24/7 support from a qualified social worker

  • Regular meetings and social events

  • Access to specialist support and services when needed

  • High competitive rates of pay and a range of other benefits

Objectives, as set out in the governing documents:

  • The relief of children and young persons in need, and in particular those in the care of, or accommodated by, a local authority, by:

    • Providing them with, or otherwise assisting in the provision of, a placement or placements in suitable accommodation and providing them with or assisting in the provision of, appropriate Foster Carers, with the aim of providing them with a stable family life;

    • Providing for their education and establishment in life.

    • The relief of poverty and in particular the assistance of adults who have as children been in Local Authority care.


In all cases the fundamental belief that underpins the work of The CFT is that each and every child should have a `Family for Life’ whether that is with a CFT family, a non-CFT family or their birth family.

It is the aim of The CFT to enable children to achieve the stability and security of knowing that their family, in whatever form it takes, will be there for them throughout their childhood into young adulthood and beyond.

The Children’s Family Trust will provide its services in such a way that:

  • The CFT’s aims and objectives are clearly stated

  • Fostering services are provided by suitably skilled and experienced people whose contribution is properly valued, respected and rewarded by the organisation

  • The management of The CFT is of the high standards to be expected of a charity and an independent fostering agency

  • The interests, safety and welfare of the children placed in its care are paramount

  • Its staff and foster carers are sufficient in number, locally selected, trained, managed and supported to safeguard and promote the care and longer-term prospects of those children placed with them

  • It houses and administers The CFT’s business, and it properly provides for its foster carers and foster children to support its objectives and regulatory requirements, and remains financially viable

  • Any concerns or complaints from local authorities, family members, foster carers, as well as from the children themselves, or elsewhere, are effectively heard and properly investigated through established policies and procedures