Cornerstone is a Christian Charity established in 1999 specifically to support Christian couples in their fostering and adoption plans to care for some of the nation’s most vulnerable looked after children. We currently recruit and support foster carers across the north of England from Northumberland to Derby, Hull to Bolton. Our goal is to become a nationwide service. We have been taking care of vulnerable children and young people for 20 years, ensuring children that come into our care, have our support for life. 80% of all children placed to date have been adopted by their foster carers which is vastly more than the current national research figure of 15%. We have a zero adoption breakdown rate in 20 years which is by any standard, impressive and reflects the level of professional and peer support offered.

We offer supervision and support provided by from our highly skilled and experienced social worker team including 24/7 support from a qualified social worker. We have a comprehensive training calendar delivered by internal and external trainers and source specific training that meets individual care plan and risk assessment requirements. We offer competitive rates of pay and a range of other benefits including our annual Cornerstone holiday which is highly valued by families.

We are committed to every child having the opportunity to experience positive family life whether they come for permanence or a few days respite. We provide a whole range of short term, emergency and respite fostering placements, as well as continuing to provide our Forever Family model which reflects the majority of our placements where young people are encouraged to stay put and  be supported when they leave the care system until they are ready to transition to independence. This continued commitment to the needs of the children and young people placed with us whether fostered or adopted has been part of our work for 20 years and remains our declared goal in our ongoing business planning. We access specialist support and services when needed.