This workshop will help you get to grips with the key ideas in social media, and show you how to use it to recruit and retain foster carers, build partnerships and collaborate. It will be led by Zoe Amar. a charity marketing and digital communications expert and freelance consultant with extensive experience in developing and delivering marketing, digital communications and social media strategies.

  • How to link social media to your organisation’s goals
  • How to write a social media strategy
  • Understanding how your audience uses social media
  • Quick and effective ways to stay up to date with best practice in social media
  • Budgeting resources and time for social media
  • An overview of analytics
  • Creating a ‘social organisation’ - empowering staff to use social media
  • How fostering providers can use social media to recruit and retain carers
  • How fostering providers can use social media for partnership building and collaboration

This event is for staff from NAFP member providers only and is free to attend.

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