Foster Care Fortnight 2020

If you're thinking about foster care, you can choose from a wide range of fostering agencies. Please research what's out there, ask people you know and contact several agencies. There'll be an agency that's right for you.

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Foster Care Fortnight blogs

'Seeing them back home, sending us pictures of what they are doing, makes us proud'

Poem written by an 11yr old young person

'Fostering is life changing, becomes your life, but I am stubborn, I stick with things and won’t give up'

'No matter what life has thrown at me I am still fostering, and Sam is still here, and he wants to be here, he says this is his home'

‘It’s important to step into someone else’s shoes, understand about the child’s background‘

Going above and beyond: 14 things for Foster Care Fortnight that independent fostering agencies are proud of

We'll be posting one each day over the next two weeks, so watch this space!

1. Creating an online school/digital learning environment for fostered children who are temporarily out of school

2. Improving our capacity to work and support young people with complex needs

3. Upskilling our carers with specifically designed training and support to improve care for abused children

4. 80% of all children placed for permanence over 20 years have been adopted by their Forever Family with zero adoption breakdown

5. We have seen a young person go to university this year, another did a parachute jump for charity

6. Our children are all in school and we have lots of long term placements, demonstrating our children feel safe and are able to access education

7. Exceptionally low placement breakdown rate - we went 12 months with none

8. We now have the highest number ever of young people Staying Put after 18 and 100% engaged in further education, employment or apprenticeships

9. Only one placement breakdown from an average of 100 placements throughout the year

10. Our services continuing to develop and provide specialist placements to child sexual exploitation/sexually harmful behaviour/county lines/remand/parent and child foster placements

11. Development of the ‘foster to adopt’ model to facilitate seamless family care to achieve early permanence

12. Helping our agency to gain an Outstanding Ofsted Inspection through robust safeguarding and therapeutic practice

13. Supporting three of our young people go on the Great British Exploring trip to the Amazon

14. Get fit campaign - foster carers, staff and young people - took 50 of them up Pen-y-Ghent!