Model fostering contracts

National Fostering Contract 2011

The National Contracts Steering Group, a cross sector group set up to support the development of contracts in children’s services, published a revised version of the National Fostering Contract on 4 April 2011. The National Contract is published for use by any local authority and aims to provide a standard approach to contracting, minimising the burden of paperwork for commissioners and providers alike as well as ensuring the quality of the service and focusing upon the outcomes required for every child.

Schedule 1 - Service Specification
Schedule 2 - Service Delivery and Outcomes Monitoring
Schedule 3 - Individual Outcomes Tracker
Schedule 4 - IPA Form
Schedule 5 - Pricing Schedule
Schedule 6 - Variation Form Parties to the Agreement and Signatories
Terms and Conditions

As well as the contract itself, there is also a useful guide to changes from the previous version.

London Care Services Model Contract 2018