NAFP in the news (Archive)

Children in care, policy and practice Children & Young People Now 26 October 2016
Kent County Council's fostering service is found to 'require improvement' by an independent report BBC Radio Kent Breakfast (at 2:06:40) 23 September 2016
Can independent reviewing officers really be independent? The Guardian 20 September 2016
Graham Iver show (on unionisation of foster care) BBC Radio Lancashire 20 September 2016
‘Golden hellos’ row continues Municipal Journal 17 August 2016
Some large foster agencies are offering cash incentives to recruit foster carers. Is there anything wrong with this? Shelagh Fogarty, LBC 5 August 2016 (no link)
Large private foster agencies have been criticised for offering foster carers cash incentives to transfer from the local authority to work for them BBC Radio 4 Today (at 2:35:09) 5 August 2016
Foster carers 'poached with golden hellos' BBC News 5 August 2016
Directors call for ban on fostering golden hellos Municipal Journal 5 August 2016
Government to 'stocktake' fostering provision amid concerns over private sector profits Local Government Chronicle 1 August 2016
‘A refreshingly positive review of residential care': reaction to Narey’s report Community Care 19 July 2016
Directors urge crackdown on 'immoral' profiteering from fostering Community Care 8 July 2016
DfE announces increased funding for Staying Put Children & Young People Now 16 March 2016
Fostering success in Staying Put Children & Young People Now 16 February 2016
Timpson names councils with low Staying Put take-up Children & Young People Now 3 February 2016
“Most appropriate placements” for looked after children: The High Court waters down the duty 11KBW Community Care blog 29 January 2016
Out of county care (at 01:22:35) BBC Radio Oxford 8 January 2016

Paying for fostering agencies (at 01:17:55) BBC Radio Somerset 23 December 2015
Cost of foster care BBC Points West 22 December 2015
Cost of fostering (at 02:07:00) BBC Radio Gloucestershire 22 December 2015
Local authorities do not need to consider all available placements for children, judge rules Community Care 15 December 2015
'Inadequate funding' undermines flagship fostering scheme Children & Young People Now 14 December 2015
Commissioning: In the Right Place Children & Young People Now 23 November 2015
Raising ambitions for care leavers Children & Young People Now 27 October 2015
Special guardianship orders: What needs to change? Community Care 24 September 2015
The sudden death of BAAF: How it happened and what it may mean for social work Community Care 13 August 2015
Care applications continue to soar Children & Young People Now 12 August 2015
NAFP launches legal challenge on councils’ fostering services Government Business 10 August 2015
Councils face legal challenge over fostering arrangements Public Finance 10 August 2015
Judicial review of councils’ compliance with Children Act s 22C(5) placement duties to be heard Family Law Week 9 August 2015
Court to investigate claims that councils failed in their foster duties Public Sector Executive 7 August 2015
Councils face judicial review of foster placements Local Government Executive 7 August 2015
Court challenge seeks new precedent for foster care placements Local Government Chronicle 7 August 2015
Court to review whether councils fail children by favoring in-house fostering services Community Care 6 August 2015
Special guardianship orders: are local authorities misusing them? Community Care 23 July 2015
‘Don’t Take My Baby’: social work factual drama airs on BBC Three, Community Care 20 July 2015
Care leaver support remains ineffective, finds spending watchdog, Community Care 17 July 2015
Protecting Our Foster Kids: is it right for children to share their pain on TV? Guardian Social Care 26 June 2015
Councils trying to break up foster placements due to cost, carers claim, Community Care 15 May 2015
Councils' cost cutting ‘jeopardises foster placements’, Children & Young People Now 15 May 2015
Care applications hit seven-year high after CSE scandals, Children & Young People Now 15 April 2015
Labour manifesto pledges child mental health spending boost and compulsory sex education, Children & Young People Now 13 April 2015
Foster care: you can’t put a price on a happy, secure childhood, Guardian Social Care Network 24 February 2015
Rise in missing-from-care cases, Children & Young People Now 3 February 2015

Cost of foster care recruitment explored: agencies vs in-house, Children & Young People Now 13 October 2014
Councils could save £150m on foster care services, says report, Children & Young People Now 1 October 2014
For Regular Regulation Wherever a Child Resides, Huff Post 5 February 2014
Improve data security for vulnerable children, councils told, LocalGov 5 February 2014
Fostering and adoption agencies, councils warned on info transfers, LocalGovernmentLawyer 5 February 2014

Children in foster care should be able to stay with their families for longer, Daily Telegraph, 9 October 2013
Associations criticise care placement decision making, Children & Young People Now, 23 May 2013
Foster carers' concern for children's welfare with cuts, BBC News Wales; BBC Wales Today (at 9.45mins); Good Evening Wales (at 23.20 mins) 21 May 2013
Independent providers plead for greater autonomy, Children & Young People Now, 5 March 2013
'Bedroom tax' hits foster care, ITV News, 7 February 2013

National Children and Adults Conference 2012 Storify, 26 October 2012
Should foster carers register with multiple agencies? Children & Young People Now, 2 October 2012
Tim Loughton loses job as children's minister, Community Care, 4 September 2012
Looked-after children produce cookery book, Children & Young People Now, 29 May 2012
Recruiting and retaining foster carers: live discussion, Guardian Social Care Network, 16 May 2012
Children's services procurement 'too costly and bureaucratic', Children & Young People Now, 15 May 2012
Good carers must be retained, Children & Young People Now, 21 February 2012
We must avoid a free-for-all over delivery of services, Third Sector, 10 January 2012

Councils pressurise foster carers to become special guardians, Community Care, 14 October 2011
Adoption debate misses the reality of children in care, Community Care, 30 September 2011
Residential care sector proposes radical rethink of public sector reforms, Children & Young People Now, 12 September 2011
Foster carer shortages versus extreme beliefs, Community Care, 23 May 2011
Foster care: 'The best job I've ever done', The Guardian, 18 May 2011
Foster providers need to make long-term plans sooner, The Guardian, 18 May 2011
The charity's 'squeezed middle' cuts challenge,, 4 April 2011
New charter to bust foster care myths, PIR Education, 23 March 2011
Bid to make foster carers undergo drug/alcohol hair tests, Community Care, 21 March 2011