Press releases (Archive)

Statement from third sector professionals on the reporting of ‘Christian child placed into Muslim foster care’ 4 September 2017
NAFP responds to State of the Nation's Foster Care 9 February 2017

Provider leaders making a combined statement: “A positive sector-led plan is needed combining leadership of ambition and practicality” 11 August 2016

Statement on Judicial Review 15 December 2015
Lack of funding risks undermining Staying Put for young people in foster care 11 December 2015
Nationwide Association of Fostering Providers granted permission to bring Judicial Review proceedings 5 August 2015
Response to National Audit Office report, Care Leaver's Transition to Adulthood 17 July 2015
FtSE & NAFP urge Government to support all children in care to secure a permanent home without delay 24 June 2015
ICHA/NAFP/NASS Public Procurement statement 15 February 2015

Audit Commission report begs more questions than it answers 10 September 2014
Foster carers should be key in preparing young people for leaving care 15 July 2014

Foster carers too often excluded from discussions about the future of young people leaving care 8 November 2013
Local authority policy of prioritising in-house foster carers causes instability for children in care 18 October 2013
Use fostering and children's homes based on evidence and assessment, not finance or ideology 22 May 2013

Twice as many care leavers as other young adults expected to move out, 24 October 2012
Children’s providers raise the alarm to Ministers over limited resources being diverted away from frontline services towards paperwork, 14 May 2012
Statement from NAFP on After Care report, 12 March 2012
Foster care must be commissioned on a level playing field, 24 January 2012

NCSG launch three new children’s services National Contracts, 22 March 2011